How International Hotels Accommodate Face-to-Face Meetings with Technology

  Meetings are growing, and hotels are the primary beneficiaries of this growth. In order to better understand the impact of said growth, Meetings Mean Business partnered with hospitality technology company Social Tables on a report that highlights the “9 Ways Meetings Will Impact Hotels in 2015” This free trend report was published with insight […]

How One Luxury Hotel Sales Group Wins Big Business with Technology

  How can a small hotel broaden its meetings sales efforts beyond a regional scope and customize its proposals when it doesn’t have a national sales force or proprietary sales technology like the global hospitality brands? One way is by joining meeting specific sales and marketing organizations that have a strong online presence and an interconnected network of regional […]

Social Tables Continues Global Expansion to 1,200 New International Customer Users

Washington, DC (September 22, 2015) – Social Tables (, the industry leading provider of cloud-based hospitality software, today announced their presence on 6 continents, where they support over 1,200 international customer users, throughout 51 countries. The Washington-D.C. based company is pleased to introduce two global Directors representing APAC and EMEA, who will support the company’s […]

How The World’s Largest Tech Event Won Their Sponsor’s Hearts in 5 Easy Steps

  If you’re looking for ways to increase sponsorship dollars (read, if you’re smart), you’d be wise to imitate basically everything that Salesforce is doing to win the hearts (and future wallets) of their sponsors at their blockbuster of an annual user conference, Dreamforce. Before we dig into how they make their sponsors famous, let’s […]

The Rise of In-House Meeting Planning Apps

Starwood Hotels announced in June that it’s offering meeting planners and attendees access to the CrowdCompass mobile app at its properties worldwide. The app provides meeting planners with real-time content including event agendas, speaker bios, presentations, and property information right from their mobile device. Jonathan Kaplan, Starwood’s director of sales, new business/digital programming, says, “Meeting […]

Why Meeting Optimization Software Matters

Technology has galvanized the meetings and events industry in more ways than one: it facilitates collaboration, decreases inefficiencies, drives new business, automates tasks, and spurs further innovation. The technological innovations available within the meetings and events marketplace today have evolved beyond simple, one-service focused products to become pragmatic, sensible solutions for cost-conscious, productivity-oriented, data hungry […]

Provenance Hotels Eases Booking Process, Increases Revenue with Social Tables

Washington, DC (August 25, 2015) – Provenance Hotels ( has chosen Social Tables (, the award-winning, collaborative event software provider, as the preferred vendor for their current and expanding portfolio of meetings hotels. This partnership furthers Provenance Hotels’ commitment to delivering collaborative products to their meetings and events clients worldwide. “We believe in making the […]

How Global Hotel Brands Learn about Event Technology

The large global hospitality brands are challenged with keeping hotel staff trained on new hotel sales technology at consistent levels across their property portfolios for obvious reasons. So some companies are using technology to teach technology to senior executives in the field while, at the same time, they’re building networks for those executives to help train each other. Sheraton Hotels, […]

The Rise of Social Selling in Hospitality

According to Forbes, “Social selling is one of the hottest buzzwords in the technology market…. Social selling is about building stronger relationships with potential buyers, based on an authentic sense of empathy and a deep understanding of the problems they face. The rise of social selling particularly applies to the meetings and events industry. Shawna […]

Five Things Meeting & Event Planners Look for in a Hotel

By personalizing packages, offering cost-efficient options and proactively catering to meeting planners, reports show that hotels are playing an increasingly substantial role in the $117 billion-a-year meetings and convention industry. This exciting news for the hotel industry simultaneously ushers in increased competition amongst properties looking to attract meeting and event planners to their venues. As […]

Hyatt Extends Partnership with Social Tables to Power Meetings in over 100 International Properties

  Washington, DC (July 26, 2015) – Hyatt Hotels Corporation (NYSE: H) has added Social Tables’ award-winning, collaborative event software to over 100 of their APAC and EMEA properties. In addition to this international portfolio, 130 North and South American Hyatt hotels were successfully onboarded in 2014, bringing the total number of corporate-managed Hyatt properties […]

The 4-Step Process to Crowdsourcing Content For Any Event

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew exactly what your attendees wanted from your event, even prior to your concept brainstorming session? How valuable would you find knowing beforehand, exactly which topics, speakers, decor inspiration, and technologies your audience resonated with? If you implement this super simple crowdsourcing process, you can use all this information […]

The Technology Driving Commune Hotels & Resorts Meetings Growth

    Washington, DC (July 9, 2015) – Commune Hotels & Resorts ( has added Social Tables’ ( award-winning, collaborative event software to their rapidly expanding global property portfolio. This partnership furthers Commune’s commitment to delivering collaborative products to their meetings and events clients worldwide.   “Social Tables’ implementation was seamless, and their impact has […]

Why MGM Resort’s Chief Sales Officer Focuses Efforts on Face-to-Face Meetings

With all of the advances in technology and digital media, there is widespread agreement in the industry that there’s no substitution for face-to-face interaction to build relationships, sell strategically, and close the deal. The following is our Q&A with Michael Dominguez, senior VP & chief sales officer at MGM Resorts International, who emphasizes that everything […]

The 3 Types of Event App Data Meeting Professionals Should Care About

A recent survey of B2B marketers, jointly conducted by the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs, found that in-person events are the most effective marketing tactic in their arsenal. Unfortunately, justifying the expense of meetings and events is still a Herculean effort well beyond the means of most event organizers. Luckily, mobile event apps now have […]

Social Tables and The MPI Foundation Announce Educational Partnership for MPI WEC 2015

Washington, D.C. (June 19, 2015) – Social Tables ( and the Meeting Professionals International (MPI) Foundation ( today announced that they have entered into a partnership to offer two (2) student MPI members the ability to attend The 2015 World Education Congress (WEC) on a full scholarship. The MPI Foundation, with funding provided by Social […]

[VIDEO] How Formalized Education is Reshaping the Hospitality Workforce

We recently sat down with Gray Shealy, Executive Director of the Master’s of Hospitality Management Program at Georgetown University, to discuss the progression of hospitality education. In our interview, Gray offered valuable insight into why the industry is turning to education for a more formalized preparation of job-seekers, the importance of experiential learning in hospitality […]

How Destinations Will Impact Hotels

As part of the destination meetings ecosystem, hotels are evolving as destination portals and knowledge hubs in specific sectors in their own right. “We have really transformed our networking experience around sectors such as bio-tech, tech, green businesses, whether it’s cars or solar, and that’s growing significantly year over year,” says Scott Baublitz, director of […]

Experiential Learning: How One College Is Transforming Hospitality Education

Hospitality degrees that prepare students for careers in food and beverage, hotels, meetings and events, and tourism are rapidly expanding on an international level thanks to globalization and the influx of innovative technology, How the hospitality industry used to pursue professionals: they employed prospective candidate with little education, but significant field experience. Today, the tables […]

8 Tips for Aspiring Hospitality Leaders

What is the Social Tables Huddle? Welcome to the Social Tables Huddle, our weekly video blog series where you’ll find us interviewing a hospitality industry leader on a breadth of topics that pertain to meeting and events professionals. Each video blog is presented as part of a three-post series. Why are we doing this? What’s […]

Macro Meeting Trends for 2015

At this year’s PCMA Convening Leaders, the organizers created unique presentation sessions in Tech Central, which gave attendees the opportunity for rapid-fire learning in between their standard breakout sessions. Greg Oates, a leading hospitality industry writer, publisher and editor, was asked to present his 5 Key Strategies for Forward Thinking Event Profs. This presentation was a […]

Social Tables Announces Groundbreaking New “Desk Edition” To Help Workers Around The World Organize The Crap on Their Desks

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SOCIAL TABLES ANNOUNCES GROUNDBREAKING NEW “DESK EDITION” TO HELP WORKERS AROUND THE WORLD ORGANIZE THE CRAP ON THEIR DESKS Washington, DC (April 1, 2015) – — Earlier today, Social Tables, the award-winning hospitality software company, announced that it will be using its technology to build a new, cutting edge solution to help office […]

How DMOs Are Partnering with EDOs for Increased Event Attendance

In November 2014, DMAI launched another report in partnership with Oxford Economics: “Destination Promotion: An Engine of Economic Development.” The paper examines how investments in the tourism economy impact more than the tourism industry. Building on the insight in DestinationNEXT, revolving around the rise of collaboration between DMOs and EDOs, the report states that the […]

The Future of Meetings: How Planners and Destinations are Leveraging Knowledge to Drive Attendance

Destination marketing organizations (DMOs), convention bureaus, hotels and venue owners are differentiating their meetings product in new and innovative ways in today’s knowledge economy. Primarily they’re developing broader networks of business partners and influencers, inside and outside of the tourism sector, who can deliver added value to meetings and events. As these networks expand in […]

Roadmap: How To Define and Apply Culture To Your Company

Catersource and Event Solutions Conference & Tradeshow, the world’s premier event for catering and events professionals, welcomed thousands of attendees from around the globe March 8-11, 2015 to Las Vegas. A variety of educational, networking and business opportunities were made available to attendees through conference sessions and special events, including the annual Trendsetters’ Luncheon. The […]

Catersource and Event Solutions Recognizes Dan Berger as 2015 Innovator of the Year

We are thrilled to share that Dan Berger, CEO and Founder of Social Tables, has received the prestigious Innovator of the Year award at the 2015 Catersource and Event Solutions Conference & Tradeshow “Rock the Night” Industry Awards celebration. The world’s premier event for catering and events professionals, the Catersource and Event Solutions Conference & […]

[Free eBook] 73 Event Technology Tools for 2015

The software platforms and technologies designed for the hospitality community to alleviate time spent on minor details by automating tasks and allowing planners to focus more strategically on their events are referred to as Meeting Optimization Software (MOS). In this free eBook, you’ll be introduced to:      3 Cases of Meeting Optimization Software in Action      73 Meeting […]

[Free eBook] The Comprehensive Guide to Meeting Optimization Software

The software platforms and technologies designed for the hospitality community to alleviate time spent on minor details by automating tasks and allowing planners to focus more strategically on their events are referred to as Meeting Optimization Software (MOS). In this free eBook, you’ll be introduced to:      3 Cases of Meeting Optimization Software in Action      73 Meeting […]

10 Apps to Get Started with Event Technology

While attending the Academic Event Professionals conference earlier this month, I had the chance to sit in on Brady Miller, CSEP’s session “#EventTech for #AEProfs: 10 + Ways to Get Started with Event Technology”. Miller’s goal was to provide fellow academic event professionals with apps and technology to help with their roles. While his presentation […]

3 NFC Trends on the Event Industry Horizon

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a form of wireless communication that allows the flow of information between two devices. Wearable NFC devices are beginning to proliferate and have significant impact on the hospitality industry as attendees demand a streamlined response to their registration, payment and engagement needs. In 2013, over 300 million NFC-enabled phones were shipped – […]

The Questions Every Convention Center Should Be Asking Themselves About Technology

For decades, convention centers have operated under the same paradigm: the bulk of their revenue was driven by large events such as trade shows, expositions, concerts, and sporting events. Consequently, these event spaces were never meant to be versatile or designed to fit varying needs from other clientele, such as smaller meetings, banquets, social celebrations […]

Pfister Hotel Adds New Immersive Dimensions to Boardroom Experience

Boardroom presentations can often be staid, one dimensional affairs.  The historic Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee has embarked on an effort to break that mold with a high-tech executive boardroom using immersive technologies on the twenty third floor of its hotel that affords greater engagement, interactivity,  content exploration, and collaboration. The boardroom, dubbed Twenty 3, is […]

[VIDEO] Never Give a Boring Presentation Again: How Technology and Charisma Will Make Your Next Talk Unforgettable

The expectations that attendees have for your presentation have shifted dramatically in the past 10 years. No longer satisfied being passive listeners, today’s attendee wants to be educated, engaged and immersed in the presentations that they have spent time and money to attend. In this video, Lintelus’ SVP of Sales, Jay Cormeir and Social Tables […]

[Infographic] 81 Event Technologies You Can’t Plan an Event Without

Chances are good that curiosity got the best of you when you read the title of this blog, because chances are even better that you have never heard of the mouthful-of-a-term, Meeting Optimization Software. Before we show you 81 meeting optimization software solutions available to the hospitality industry, including categories such as mobile event apps, meeting design […]

The Effect of Near-Field Communications on Events

3 Near-Field Communication (NFC) Trends on the Event Industry’s Horizon Near-Field Communication (NFC) is a form of wireless communication that allows the flow of information between two devices. Wearable NFC devices are beginning to proliferate and have significant impact on the hospitality industry as attendees demand a streamlined response to their registration, payment and engagement needs. […]

Marriott Harnesses Virtual Reality for Public “Destination Sampling”

Travel scenes and content have long been considered ideal fodder for virtual reality experiences, but the implementation and delivery of those experiences were severely undercut by clunky, expensive, and often uncomfortable headsets and fuzzier, less realistic visual effects. Now, the original vision of virtual travel is coming closer to realization due to the arrival of […]

What You Need to Know About Meeting Planning Automation

Meeting planning automation is the newest hospitality phrase on the block. You may not have heard of it, but I guarantee you’ve dreamt about it. After being in the event industry for 10 years, I’ve noticed some of the struggles planners have shouldered for far too long: communication gaps, inefficient operational strategies, scheduling nightmares. Sound familiar? […]

CaterTrax and Social Tables, The Perfect Software Pairing

CaterTrax and Social Tables Integrate to Offer Catering Professionals Best of Breed Catering Management and Room Diagramming Software (October 23, 2014) Washington, DC – CaterTrax ( and Social Tables ( have forged a business partnership that enables catering professionals to blend two best of breed tools needed to manage their catering business and detailed room diagramming […]

Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Caterer

Selecting a caterer requires some thought and deliberation. Food and beverage costs often are a large percentage of an event’s cost. Meals can also be the most memorable highlight of an event so selecting a caterer can be a significant decision! Consider these questions before you select a caterer at your next event. Do you have […]

[Infographic] Why Face-to-Face Communication Won’t Disappear

Meetings provide a gathering place that act as a catalyst for development, innovation, iteration, and action for businesses around the world. They are the foundation of every great achievement, the cornerstone for every decision, and the lifeline of every single action that has occurred throughout history. Advances in technology have provided multiple avenues for how these […]

[Free Ebook] 8 Questions Every Meeting Planner Needs to Ask a Venue

Identifying the venue that best suits your event or meeting needs can be a daunting task. The perfect location will do more than merely support your program’s operational needs; it will help facilitate your objectives and influence attendee satisfaction. By personalizing packages, offering cost-efficient options and proactively catering to attendees, reports show that planners are […]

[Infographic] Your Meetings Are Useless. Fix Them.

This infographic from Hubspot, in collaboration with the folks from and fuze, puts everything you’ve always assumed about the effectiveness (er, non-effectiveness) of meetings into an ugly, flourescent light.  How much time do useless, unengaged meetings cost companies? You’ll be surprised (or maybe it will just reinforce your assumptions). How many hours a week does the average employee spend prepping […]

Social Tables and Tripleseat Announce Partnership

(September 2, 2014) Washington, DC – Tripleseat Software LLC (, the leading cloud-based sales and event management application for event managers of restaurants, hotels and unique venues, today announced a partnership with Social Tables (, the global leader of cloud-based hospitality software that positions venues to work more collaboratively and efficiently with their event and meeting […]

[Infographic] Lifting the Curtain on Live Events

Think With Google recently released this infographic that shows the facts and figures behind experiential live events, which shows that interest in and attendance of live events is skyrocketing. Summary: More people are attending live events—concerts, sports and theater—than ever before. Google worked with Ipsos MediaCT to discover how attendees are researching and buying tickets to […]

Social Tables Announces Partnership with Total Party Planner

Social Tables Announces Partnership with Total Party Planner Social Tables, provider of leading event diagramming, seating, and check-in software solutions, announced this week the launch of an integration with Total Party Planner, creators of innovative web-based catering and banquet management software.  The interface, which allows event details to be seamlessly passed from Total Party Planner […]

Social Tables Secures $8 MM In Series A Funding

Social Tables Secures $8 MM to Improve and Expand Its Hospitality Product Suite to Its 2,500 Customers and Beyond Bessemer Venture Partners to Lead Investment with Thayer Ventures, Militello Capital, 500 Startups, Middleland Capital, and Fortify Ventures Joining (Washington, DC) Social Tables (, the web-based hospitality SaaS technology that brings powerful sales and operations tools […]

[Webinar] The Application of Experiential Design to Your Event

Summary Co-hosted by Maritz Travel‘s Vice President of Experiential Design, Greg Bogue, and Social Tables’ CEO, Dan Berger, “The Application of Experiential Design to Your Event” is a collaborative webinar that aims to expand your planning processes. Attendees are no longer satisfied with merely attending an event. They require stimulating content delivered by dynamic individuals in […]

[WEBINAR] Process Improvements to Enhance Your Attendee Experience

Recently, Justin Ungerboeck, Director of Product Management for Ungerboeck, and Dan Berger, CEO and Founder of Social Tables, co-hosted a webinar wherein they discussed best practices for enhancing attendee experiences at events. They focused on four key points: Attracting attendees Attendee engagement pre-during-post event Developing best design environment for attendees Retaining attendees View the video below to […]

The Convention Industry Council and Social Tables Partner to Release Free Event and Meeting Planning App

The Convention Industry Council ( and Social Tables ( have partnered to release a planner-requested app, the Pocket Planner. Compatible with all iOS and Android devices, this innovative app was born as a result of customer demand. “In speaking with planners throughout the hospitality industry, we found a shared frustration as it pertained to scaling […]