3 of the Most Innovative Seating Arrangements for Your Next Event

Get away from the usual theater or classroom style seating at your next event! Here are three innovative seating arrangements that will strengthen interaction among your guests.

 Cabaret Style

  • Allows for more informal interaction
  • Gives all guests a view of the stage without having to reorient their chair
  • The largest venue in Northern England has seen a 55% growth in the number of event planners asking for this seating arrangement.

Horseshoe Style

  • Great for more educational events or small weddings
  • Allows for small group discussion
  • Makes for a more intimiate environment

Lounge Style

  • More informal interaction
  • Allows for a different type of learning taking place as attendees relax
  • Attractive to the eye

Whichever seating arrangement works best for your next event, make sure to follow it up with a great seating chart so guests know exactly where they’re seated.

  • Jeff Hurt

    Thanks for raising the issue that we need more innovative seating arrangement. I think the lounge seating is definitly innovative. The other two styles are fairly traditional.For me, the meeting space should define the use, the behavior should.Keep pushing those boundaries1

  • Dan Berger

    Thanks, Jeff, for your comments. We appreciate your contribution