Inclusion in the Process: What Millennials Want From Meetings and Events

In recent years, Millennials have become America’s largest generation in regards to population with an estimated $1.3 trillion in annual consumer spending.  We are a huge market with a willingness to spend that disposable income.  In fact, my generation is a major driving force behind the growth of the experience economy.  Millennials are craving immersive, […]

[VIDEO] How Formalized Education is Reshaping the Hospitality Workforce

We recently sat down with Gray Shealy, Executive Director of the Master’s of Hospitality Management Program at Georgetown University, to discuss the progression of hospitality education. In our interview, Gray offered valuable insight into why the industry is turning to education for a more formalized preparation of job-seekers, the importance of experiential learning in hospitality […]

Experiential Learning: How One College Is Transforming Hospitality Education

Hospitality degrees that prepare students for careers in food and beverage, hotels, meetings and events, and tourism are rapidly expanding on an international level thanks to globalization and the influx of innovative technology, How the hospitality industry used to pursue professionals: they employed prospective candidate with little education, but significant field experience. Today, the tables […]