Small Business Owner

4 Reasons Small Business Owners Invest in Meetings and Events

Coauthored by Richard Harper and Michael Dominguez, co-chairs of Meetings Mean Business In the U.S., most businesses are small businesses. Whether they employ 15 people or 115, they contribute to our national economy by creating jobs and driving economic growth. That’s why the Meetings Mean Business (MMB) coalition commissioned new research to understand whether they […]

Event Trends 2017

12 Global Trends Shaping Events In 2017 – Featuring 3 Industry Leaders

Modern event organizers need to be collaboration artists. That means knowing when to reflect, and knowing when to ask questions. We decided to ask questions and bring three industry leaders face-to-face, to kick off the conversation about meetings and events in 2017. Social Tables and Convene brought together Larry Abel of Abel McCallister Designs, Convene […]