How International Hotels Accommodate Face-to-Face Meetings with Technology

  Meetings are growing, and hotels are the primary beneficiaries of this growth. In order to better understand the impact of said growth, Meetings Mean Business partnered with hospitality technology company Social Tables on a report that highlights the “9 Ways Meetings Will Impact Hotels in 2015” This free trend report was published with insight […]

How One Luxury Hotel Sales Group Wins Big Business with Technology

  How can a small hotel broaden its meetings sales efforts beyond a regional scope and customize its proposals when it doesn’t have a national sales force or proprietary sales technology like the global hospitality brands? One way is by joining meeting specific sales and marketing organizations that have a strong online presence and an interconnected network of regional […]

How Global Hotel Brands Learn about Event Technology

The large global hospitality brands are challenged with keeping hotel staff trained on new hotel sales technology at consistent levels across their property portfolios for obvious reasons. So some companies are using technology to teach technology to senior executives in the field while, at the same time, they’re building networks for those executives to help train each other. Sheraton Hotels, […]

Hyatt Extends Partnership with Social Tables to Power Meetings in over 100 International Properties

  Washington, DC (July 26, 2015) – Hyatt Hotels Corporation (NYSE: H) has added Social Tables’ award-winning, collaborative event software to over 100 of their APAC and EMEA properties. In addition to this international portfolio, 130 North and South American Hyatt hotels were successfully onboarded in 2014, bringing the total number of corporate-managed Hyatt properties […]

How Destinations Will Impact Hotels

As part of the destination meetings ecosystem, hotels are evolving as destination portals and knowledge hubs in specific sectors in their own right. “We have really transformed our networking experience around sectors such as bio-tech, tech, green businesses, whether it’s cars or solar, and that’s growing significantly year over year,” says Scott Baublitz, director of […]