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Video: Social Tables CEO, Dan Berger, on the Biggest Event Trends in 2017

When it comes to event strategy, how are you planning on incorporating trends that have the biggest impact?

At this year’s PCMA Convening Leaders Conference, Social Tables CEO, Dan Berger sat down to discuss why business event strategists need to think about comfort, machine learning, and interactivity in 2017.

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Renewing Your Event’s Focus on Comfort

Seating may be affecting the success of your event in ways you’re not seeing. While the industry will always be focused on doing innovative things when it comes to seating, we’re seeing a return back to basics with comfort. Comfortable seating isn’t synonymous with soft seating but more a focus on making your environment welcoming to those that are attending.

Machine Learning Technology Built for the Modern Event Strategist

It’s an aspect of technology that Dan Berger is calling out as one of the most impactful areas in the coming years: machine learning. It will help business event strategists make more informed decisions in an automated way. For example, an event strategist could take all the rooms sets created in a single space and tie it back to the results of that event. For events going forward, machine learning can help drive and automate decisions for the ideal room set so that event strategists can focus on strategy and content creation.

Make Your Events More Collaborative

When it comes to building a collaborative event experience, it doesn’t necessarily come down to the kind of furniture you use. In fact, making collaboration happen doesn’t have to be expensive, but it requires serendipitous collision in an event space for it to work. Gone are the days where the moderator implores the attendees to put away their phones and laptops during a general session (they’re going to do it anyways). In stead, event strategists should think of ways to interact with audiences that encourages them to share online, and in real-time. This coupled with compelling content and creating a collision space after the session will help to make the general session a success.

Events Are No Longer One Size Fits All

Our attendees aren’t clones of each other so why should our events be? For business event strategists, we’re moving away from forcing attendees into the environments we’ve created time and time again. Instead, we’re adjusting the event environment to the lifestyle and behaviors that we’re seeing from our attendees. In addition, we can no longer assume attendees are coming to our event for the same reason. What is considered an educational conference to one attendee may be three jam-packed days of pure networking and catching up with colleagues to another. We’re in charge of building an event program that identifies and meets the entire spectrum of attendees’ needs.

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