How to Build & Engage a Community During Event Registration

When it comes to the reputation and image that a brand has, we all know how important it is to have a community around. It can support you, help you grow and protect you in case of a crisis. So the best scenario is to treat your event as a brand and seize all opportunities to convert all your attendees in a strong community that will bring your event to the next level. Keep in mind that offline events have to be present in the online environment too. Social media and online tools can bring you benefits in so many ways when you need to engage web-savvy attendees.

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You can read a lot about traditional ways to manage your community in social media. At the very foundation of your social activity as an event professional, there is a simple yet effective tool that not only eases planning but can also help you create a community – event registration forms. They act as an interface between you and your attendees and give your event a social dimension.

Maybe it’s not obvious, but a tool that generates an event registration form can really help you build a community and engage it. There are a few features you have to know about in order to harvest all the goods from such a tool at every stage of organizing an event.


The registration form creator builds a database with all the information you need to know with respect to your attendees. So not only that you will have a correct guest list but you can also influence the outcome of the event with such valuable insight. Besides that, you can share your event registration form to all social media channels. Some tools even allow for automatic tweets at every new submission, or they provide an integration on the event page on Facebook. It is a great way to communicate coherently on all the channel transmitting the same information and allowing direct registration without redirection to another website.

Don’t forget to brand your form, let your public to familiarize with you and thus provide yourself the chance to make a footprint in their memory.

During the event

Shape the communication with regard to the expectations of your public. If you collect information through your event registration form you can target all specific needs of your attendees. Create a powerful relation with your speaker by giving her exact details about the target audience. You will know exactly who will be present at your event so that all moderators, speakers or performers can adapt.

Post event

It’s always a constructive idea to engage with your attendees further on by collecting feedback. Construct the perfect questions, customize a new form and send it to the list you already have. Just like in sales, even in event management your relation with the “client” after event is really important to establish a long connection and build the community you seek. If you already use a tool to create and distribute newsletters, the registration form can help by importing contacts in the email list. Also, as previously mentioned, the insight you gain makes it incredibly easy to customize your newsletter content to all the attendees, guest, speakers and you can introduce the data into a CRM to create a new channel of communication. In this way even after event you will manage your relation with your public and synchronize news distribution, marketing campaigns and even sales if you have to.

If you still don’t see the connection, let’s simplify:

processWith attention to details, you can gain a lot from using event registration forms on the long run. As we all look further in the future, we are interested in developing strong connections. A community focused around your event can boost things up. Remember that by community we do not refer solely to your fans or followers, but we have in mind those people that have a relation with your event. These people not only like your event, but they dedicate resources to track your development and future actions and they have a strong positive opinion about it.

It’s exactly like the concept of branding, we do not need just a kiss on the cheek (such as coming to one event), we need them to fall in love with your event and start a relation with you because of the event. And, as Seth Godin said, it’s what will determine people to choose you over the alternatives. And that’s what we all want. That’s why we can gain from these little things like choosing a tool that allows you to create powerful event registration forms.

Good Luck!



Laura is part of the 123ContactForm team, an online form builder that can help everyone to create powerful event registration forms. With a big passion for event management, she plans conferences, workshops and trainings for young professionals. You can reach her out on Twitter or Google+.

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  • Integration of the registration form and Facebook is certainly something we’re seeing more and more.  I’m not sure how many people are actually taking the suggestion to post to Facebook when the event is for business, since their Facebook profile is usually for personal use. But for a social occasion, it’s not a bad idea.

    • Deborah, you are right! Even tough posting to your personal profile is not such a good idea, you can embed  a registration form on your business page. Even better, I suggest to create an Facebook event and place your registration form on that page, then promote the event. Works like a wonder!