5 Ways Your Hotel Can Increase Sales Using Pinterest

Pinterest has proven to be a valuable tool for increasing brand awareness but it’s also proving valuable for the hospitality industry in boosting sales. Here are a few ways to get your hotel’s Pinterest board kicked into full gear:

1. Attract guests to your locale by creating an “Our Favorite Places” board

Guests think about location when they plan their vacation, so be sure to highlight your hotel locale on your Pinterest board. Pin pictures from landmarks and sights around town as well as pictures of your hotel from your website, thereby embedding an inbound link to your site. Your pins shouldn’t be a shameless self-promotion, so draw connections between the local experiences and the services you provide to make those experiences possible for guests.

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2. Highlight local deals

Be a source of information about the discounts, deals, and events in the area such as happy hours, family museum tickets, and festivals so that customers refer to your board for more. By helping potential customers plan their trip, you demonstrate that you have great guest services and build rapport with potential guests.

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3. Highlight hotel events

Pinterest is a great visual tool that has the ability to attract and hold the attention of potential guests. Use eye-catching pictures of future events at your hotel to create excitement about them.

4. Offer Exclusive Deals and Discounts

Generate exposure to your hotel by offering special deals. Your pins will attract customers and have the potential to have added impact as people re-pin them and share them with their friends.

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5. Increase Customer Retention

Pinterest is a great communication tool because guests that follow you will keep you in mind even after their stay. By retaining guests without increasing costs, you can increase your long-term revenue.

Bonus tip: Always place your hotel’s logo on images! This way when the photo is spread, your brand is still the center of attention.

Bottom line: Drive sales and retain guests through Pinterest. Utilizing this social media tool continues to be crucial in 2014 as Pinterest has proved to be more successful than Twitter and Google+ in driving Web traffic referrals.